Malaysia Milk is supported by an efficient distribution and sales network covering key market centres located throughout the country. Special refrigerated delivery trucks and vans travel the length and breadth of Malaysia to ensure products reach retail outlets as fresh as the day they leave the Malaysia Milk plant. This is in keeping with our commitment to Quality.

It is this commitment to providing quality products that has made Malaysia Milk such a success in Malaysia and its export markets that include Brunei and Singapore. Malaysia Milk is confident its range of products will continue to successfully penetrate potential markets both locally and abroad.

Our research and development laboratory is staffed by the finest technical personnel who are constantly in pursuit of innovative new products. They also research into the use of new equipment and technologies as well as new manufacturing processes in order to improve the efficiency of our plant and the quality of our manufactured products.

A specialized Quality Control unit keeps a daily check on products through regular testing at every stage of manufacturing to ensure conformity with the highest international standards.